Mercedes attended the University of Lima and received a License Degree in Communication & Media. She studied drawing and painting in the Museum of Art in Lima. Then, she obtained a Master Degree in Communication in ITESO, at Guadalajara University in Mexico.

In Switzerland, she studied Langue and French Civilization at the Geneva University and she worked within the United Nations as a Communication Specialist and Video Producer for e-Learning and social projects related to trade and development.

Mercedes’ work has been featured in international publications and media.

After different experiences in developing countries and in Peru, she decided to create her own brands: Mercedes JEWELS and AWANA Alpaca.
In Geneva (2002), she began to commercialize her creations together with a selection of jewellery from several Peruvian designers and artists.

Each of her jewels and master pieces has an history and a symbolism. 

Her paintings and collages are inspired from her trips.

Mercedes continue working with designs inspired by pre-Hispanic and Inca culture from Peru. She prepares new creations and drawings, expanding techniques and materials inspired by her last trips to Indochina, Mexico, Greece and England.

Mercedes jewellery creations have full of art, fashion and history. Her ethnographic and cultural vision is expressed throughout.

Resin ART & jewellery

Mercedes enjoys working in a wide range of materials and techniques, and the use of various mediums is integral to her work. She uses her background in multimedia, design and paintings tools in her work. 

For the new resin collection, Mercedes is most inspired by playing with dry flowers, seeds and Up-cycling objects created with many different parts taken from old and disused watches. 

In her new resin collection, she creates soft, dreamy and functional jewelry that play with the properties of light and transparency. 

She finding the joy of creating resin jewelry and apply this technique in her paintings and collages.

She participated in several European trade fairs:

  • PREMIERE VISION – Paris, France
  • TRANOI – Paris, France
  • SHE TRADES GLOBAL – Liverpool
  • AMBIENTE – Frankfurt, Germany
  • BEA EXPO – Bern, Switzerland
  • ORNARIS   – Bern, Switzerland
  • PALEXPO – Salon du Livre et de la Presse – Geneva, Switzerland
  • Bourse internationale aux Minéraux, fossiles et gemmes – Geneva, Switzerland
  • Les Automnales – Geneva, Switzerland
  • Slow Design & Fashion Days – Geneva, Switzerland
  • Salon UniCréa – Morges, Switzerland
  • Tendance Life Style –   Frankfurt, Germany with the support of SIPPO – Swiss Import Promotion Program (2004 – 2005) Contemporary Jewellery Promotion with other participants from Ghana, Indonesia and others Latin American countries.
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